Living Small = Living Stylishly?

As a newly-wed, very broken twenty-something girl, I often find myself dreaming of having my own first place. But since I try to keep my dreams realistic, I have been looking into super cool ideas that can help you turn a small space into a cozy, awesome-looking home.

The main examples I found were all decorated following the same basic tips: even though you might have only one room to work with, try “faking” separate spaces using bookshelves or curtains. I get this idea, it kind of takes away the “dorm room feeling” from a small apartment, even though they might have the same size and might both be having two people living in it.

So down to my favorites, the first one is a studio apartment shown in an article by Emile Bibb. It is definitely  work checking out, since it has tons of tips as well!

studio apartment 1

The second place I fell in love with is in Los Angeles, CA, and has only 450 square feet. I love the idea of covering your closet with curtains, and I love the chalkboard over the kitchen sink. Not to mention the owner was able to create the loveliest living room with such little space! The pictures link to the website where I found this apartment.


The last place belongs to wallpaper designer (hello dream job!) Kimberly Lewis, and is in Brooklyn, NY. The main idea on how she decorated the place is: don’t be afraid to put big furniture in tiny apartments, don’t be afraid to put furniture next to furniture, don’t be afraid of having big artwork showing, basically, don’t be afraid. I absolutely love the (kind of bulky in a good way) bookshelf that works as a room separator, and the small round table as a dining table.

Long story short, I am still dreaming of having a small place to call my own, but staying inspired never hurt anyone, did it? I hope those pictures and tips help people out there living in small places or even tiny dorm rooms! I am always for making the best with what you have, even if miniscule!

Mais inspirações aqui…

Tchau tchau!



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