Laura Williams’ Cool Surreal Photography


This is one of Laura’s first work I ended finding, that called my attention immediately to look more into her stuff. She’s an 18-year old photographer from the UK, and the picture above is named “Invisible”. I love the simplicity of how it’s put together and edited, not over the top, but still with an extra “wow” factor to it. 

All of her work can be found at her Deviantart’s Page. You can clearly see how her photography has improved through the pages, which I personally think adds a whole intimate level to looking at her pieces. She has a way of capturing light and colors that is, like I already said, subtle yet mesmerizing. 

Most of her photos are not “surrealistic” as this series with the mirrors is, but is still pretty great stuff. I wish she will follow the path of keeping with the simple edits on otherwise regular photos, because it is the aspect of her work that captivated me the most. In the gallery bellow I separated some of my other favorite pieces from this artist. Hope you guys enjoy! 





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