Rug me!

One of the easiest ways of making your place look effortless cool without making that much of an effort anyway is something people don’t usually pay that much attention to: RUGS! 

I know that depending on size and fabric they can be pricey, depending on pets they can be hard to maintain, but hey! There are tons of DIY options out there for the skilled ones (not me not me not me) that feel like painting shapes into a rug to make something plain into something stylish, or even options for people who would dare to knit their own rugs! The knitted ones are, in my opinion, the most gorgeous ones, and they make me regret not have taken those knitting classes from my grandma when I was 12. Oh well. 


For those of us still a little confused in the rug department, Lisa Ferguson, an interior designer, has made some amazing infographics showing the dos and don’ts of placing your rug so that you can make your place look bigger. Along with her tips I have separated three pictures of rugs that I love in this gallery. Hope this gets you guys eager to go out there and re-arrange or get some rugs of your own! 


But remember, rules are made to be broken! I have seen great examples of small rugs placed in living rooms that don’t make the space look bad. 


Tchau tchau! 



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