Outfit Envy and Hair Envy From Game of Thrones

Yes, I know. The show itself is amazing, so are the books, and I am not at all ashamed of admitting the mild geekiness in me that is completely in love with that TV show. But I also can’t help but go all girly over the AMAZING outfit designs and hair designs and art direction in general of that show. It is outstanding, makes me wanna spend my whole day lounging somewhere sunny and braiding my hair (I know, I know, that’s not what the show is about, but trust me, I can’t help having those feelings nonetheless). 

Needless to say, as I everyone else, I am in an eternal girl crush with Danny, the badass blondie conquering the lands across the sea. But that doesn’t mean I am not also in love with Samsa Stark’s innocence and gorgeous red hair (as a red head myself, I can’t help but loving my own kind, huh). Inside and outside of the screen, those women are simply amazing. And I love how their characters grow in importance of the plot and in power (although we all know that anyone can die at anytime, oh well).


So here is a gallery of my favorite fashion orgasms from GoT, and I can’t wait for the next season to come out.


And for those of us more adventurous with hairstyles, here is a pretty cool guide on how to make GoT inspired hair! (If you click the image it gets much bigger)


Of course having a endless source of amazingly gorgeous women helps out a lot, and I always love seeing comparisons between the characters on and off screen, so here is also a list of my favorite off-screen moment of these to-die-for beauties. Can you guys recognize them without all the costumes? It’s pretty cool, huh? Hope you enjoy it!


Tchau Tchau!!



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