What’s in the bag?!?


Are you one of those people who carries absolutely everything they can in their bag because you are terrified of being caught in a situation without something you absolutely NEED? Well, I am. Like, hardcore. God forbid me if I find myself in the middle of the day, away from home, without my moisturizer, or my sunglasses, or a journal (that I end up shamefully never using), or an umbrella – it rains a lot in São Paulo, you usually don’t wanna get caught umbrella-less.

Well, because of this love of mine of carrying everything with me at all times, I love seeing inside other people’s bags. I guess it’s that natural human curiosity that makes me wanna know what other people consider important enough to keep close to them… Or maybe it’s just the fact that I love the cute pictures. Either way, here is a selection of some of my favorite invasion into other people’s bags, girl version:


And, of course, there is an amazing version of those awesome pictures for guys! Which makes me wish I was rich so I could shower my husband with those amazing accessories. Maybe one day! 


Hope you guys have enjoyed this tiny pretty invasion of privacy! I sure do! Plus I love the idea of someone just simply HAVING to carry an axe around. You never know when some impromptu lumberjacking might present itself… 

Tchau tchau! 



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