Can we start thinking about christmas dresses?

Yes, right? It’s already december. And I’ve also decided that since I am living in a insanely hot tropical country for these holidays, I have full permission to wear as much read as I want for the party. Seriously, I am allowing myself to go full Mamma-Noel style, no matter what the fashionistas say. Christmas is about being happy, and wearing shiny and red makes me insanely happy! 

Mario Testino

Nothing like a Mario Testino photograph like this to get the inspiration going, huh? 

And now for some more realistic ideas, here is a list of what I wanna wear on the Christmas night, drinking rosé champagne and eating grapes and walnuts as if it were the end of the world (you guys do that on Christmas everywhere, right? It’s not just a weird family tradition, is it? Because I do get some weird looks now and then when I mention it).

Anyway, here is for the endless gallery of red and shiny dresses that I wanna put on my body on this December 24th of 2013:


Most of the dresses can be found on the always amazing ASOS.COM. Merry Holidays, merry shopping and merry dressing up like pseudo-Santa-Claus (ok, maybe, that will only be me, but anyways). 

Hope you have enjoyed! 

Tchau tchau, 



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