Summer in the city, and the living is easy

I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys. I don’t love spending summers in big cities. I was born in a huge city and have lived here all of my life, so the idea of sharing the heat of the asphalt and traffic with the good vibes that I usually try to associate with summertime kind of bums me out. 

But, since christmas down in the southern hemisphere is crazy anyways (we’re burning hot but putting fake snow everywhere, go figure), we might as well just make the best out of it. I will have no white christmas, or fireplace with hot chocolate, but I might as well replace it with a couple of frappuccinos and flowy long summer dress – why not? 

summer in the city

To me, when it comes to having to feel hot in the middle of a big capital, the trick is being simple- less, a lot less, is more. That is why the pictures I decided to post are a great inspiration to me: you just get the vibe from them that the person just decided to slip on the first (obviously, chic) item from their closet, match it with a few staple items, and get out of the door. During the summer, spending too much time trying to decide what you are gonna wear is not only too “effortty”, it also is uncomfortable – you know, people sweat. 

Here are some other cool ideas for a fresh yet chic summer far from the shore: 


Tchau tchau! 



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