About 90210 and How I Enjoy Pretty Things

Yes, I know, I’m sorry. I apologize in advance, but this post is going to be somewhat shallow. It’s about 90210. You know, not even the original one, but the remake.
I don’t care what people say, the outfits from this show are amazing. Especially the ones Naomi Watts wears. She has everything perfect on this show, yeah, unrealistic perfect. She is a teenage girl with her parentless mansion, a perfect body and perfect hair, and the flattest stomach I’ve ever seen.
I don’t think it has ever hurt anyone to get lost in a little bit of fantasy like that, huh? Apart from the usual petty drama that usually follows Teen TV shows like that (oh I shall make a Gossip Girl post too in the future, I’m sorry. My blog is my free-zone), I really enjoy daydreaming about those girls unachievable lives.


So here are some of Naomi’s favorite outfits of mine from the show. You’ll see what I’m talking about!

Cool, right? I think it’s great how we’re supposed to buy that she’s 17 years-old on the show, too! Gotta love Hollywood. But it’s worth watching just a couple of episodes for the clothes alone, I swear! I’m not crazy! For the most part. 

Sayonara Bitches!



3 thoughts on “About 90210 and How I Enjoy Pretty Things

  1. Genuinley All the actors we 17 until today… Omg but I love this show it’s so goals why isn’t it still going😭😭😭😭

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