Gift Ideas Based on Stuff I Own!

And that's why comforters are also a great gift!

And that’s why comforters are also a great gift!

Christmas is that time of the year when we have to give gifts to everyone, including, sometimes, people we don’t know very well. 
That’s why I decided to make a post about little things I own either because I was gifted or because I’m addicted to shopping, and why I like them and think they could be easy gifts for others! Hope this post helps everyone get some cool ideas for stocking stuffers or ideas of what to get to that teenage long distance cousin you only see once a year. By clicking on the pictures below you get a  (loong) description of what I think of each of the items I picked out! 


Hopefully this has shed some light into you guys that were still lost on what to get for christmas for this or that person. Most of the stuff I talked about up there can be found on the magic world of, but if not, why not buying local? It’s even better for your community! 

Happy holidays and happy shopping! 

Tchau tchau



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