Tribute to all Shades of Fiery Hair

I have been a redhead for a quite a while now. Not born one, I was born with light brown hair, but I’ve been dying my hair with copper tones long enough that I allow myself to be called an ‘actual’ redhead, ya know? After all this time, I simply figure I’ve earned the right. 

I am sure lots of born-redheads out there would disagree with me saying this or even feel offended, but they shouldn’t! What this is means is that I am simply so fascinated by their hair color and the attitude the revolves around it (or do you think being a redhead is only about having red hair? Nooooo) that I feel the need to be a part of the club! I feel the need to be one myself! And I put a lot of effort into it as well: try never letting my roots grow too much, take super good care of my hair, dye my eyebrows, try to keep the tones as natural as they can be (I usually go for strawberry blonder tones than darker tones, because to me they look more natural). I even once considered tattooing freckles on my fair skin to get the full look going (I know, crazy), but my sane friends stopped me from doing that. (But hey, did you guys know this is an actual thing? And that it doesn’t even look that bad?) 

A shameful confession is that during summer I do put some tiny spots of self tanning lotion on my cheeks and they do look rather like natural sun-tanned freckles. I’m even proud of this technique! Just make sure you have enough scrubber around in case you mess it up. As to faking freckles with make-up, I was never successfull with doing that. It always ends up looking too fake and too round or something of the sorts. But hey! You don’t need freckles to look like an amazing redhead! As a matter of fact, I have heard that many natural redheads hate them (crazy world!).

Sooo I decided to start this fun (to me, at least) post about my favorite hair color with this chart from TheBeautyDepartment.Com that talks about hints of red for fall. It’s cool how you can see that it goes from a light kind of ombre strawberry blonde with just some hints of red to a dark auburn. And I absolutely love all these selections of tones! 

hints of red

Now, personally, I don’t enjoy the tones of red that are kind of ‘bright red’, you know? The ones that you quickly identify as unnatural. This is a personal preference and I know many people who disagree with me (including myself, when I was 15 years old, hahaha). But nowadays I try to search always and always for a more natural look, and that is why I love redheads: it’s because they have the hair color that mixes a certain naturalness to it with an exotic twist. It’s just gorgeous. Here are some hair hues that I really like, and remember that the pictures get bigger when you click on them:  

Another thing that mesmerizes me when it comes to redheads is the make-up options and how you can play around with the colors and tones that are already there. I am absolutely addicted to make-up and doing my own make-up, and watching a billion tutorials online, so that’s basically where all my knowledge on that comes from (that and fashion magazines, I guess). But I like to have fun when it comes to beauty! And I think it is super cool the way that redheads can pull off very light and pale tones of blush and lipstick (because of the hair color) as well as they can just as easily pull off a bright red or a bright pink and look equally amazing! 

Not to mention that if you add anything blue or green around the eyes, even a light eyeshadow, happiness is instantly guaranteed! 

red hair, blush and nude lips

And for last, but not least, another thing that to me is fun about being a redhead is wearing those exactly two colors: blue and green. They complement my hair so well it feels, and I feel like a fairy every time! Not to mention we look pretty damn good in black too, because of the fair skin and flashy hair. 

In my case, I do have to sometimes take care to not over accessorize with earrings and necklaces and bracelets and stuff because, like I said before, the hair itself already drags a lot of attention. But it is a price you pay, I guess, and maybe it is just something I will grow out of. 

redhead blue dress

Well, that’s it for fiery hairs for today! Hope you have enjoyed, and maybe considered even dying your own hair as a try-out! (It grows back, you know?). 

Tchau tchau



One thought on “Tribute to all Shades of Fiery Hair

  1. Hi! So I’ve been wanting to dye my hair red like your and I’m just wondering what hair dye or dyes you use?

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