The end (of the year) is near! So let’s relax?

Gossiping with my best friends!

So, here is the deal. I have finally graduated from my 5 year long Film School program. I know it’s not Harvard Law but graduating college is still a big deal to me, and I’m off my usual job until the end of the year and maybe first quarter of January, so what I might be looking at here is a VACATION.  

Like, yeah, actually relaxing and enjoying the good things in life. So in honor of that, I decided to make a post dedicated completely to the silly things that brings me happiness. So that they may continue to go on for many years to come, and maybe they will bring happiness to you guys as well! 

Remember that the pictures below have short explanations of what they are (or, in this case, of what they mean to me) if you click on them!

Learning how to live life stress free and slowly and with acceptance is a big challenge for someone born in a city as big as mine. Even though I am pretty young, I was sort of raised in a way that dictates that stuff should always be moving at an insanely fast pace. Now, ironically, being married to someone who comes from a very small town of two thousand people, we are together learning that there is a balance in between the two extremes. My way of coping has been trying not to take it all so seriously. Laugh. 

That is why below you will find a picture of a cat and a bubble. My cats love bubbles and to them it is the most puzzling object ever. That’s probably why this photo makes me so happy. 

Cats and bubbles. I swear.

I know sometimes life can be though, but then again, sometimes we just HAVE to accept that it can be fun! 2013 has been amazing to be, and my only hope is that 2014 is more amazing to everyone else in the planet! Seriously! One more time, happy holidays guys, hope you have enjoyed this short post! 




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