So… do you guys like reading?

It occurred to me that we are on what could be called a “school vacation” (not for me, but for other human beings I guess). Nowadays there is always an insane amount of stuff we can do to spend our time, from gaming to reality shows or whatever. But still to me nothing replaces the warmth of sitting down with a great mind-blowing book and reading it from beginning to end. You know, the type of books that even make you miss the characters a little bit when they’re done? 

the bell jar

Those books might not be the easiest reads ever (that is why for the most part I recommend reading them in your mother tongue, if the translation is good. I read most of those books in portuguese to get the most out of them, except for a few english titles.), but they are to me books that have changed the way I relate to other and to myself, and that is why I consider them (and many others!) so important! 

Hope you guys have liked my list. As you can tell from it, I am a huge Kafka fan. I fall in love with everything he writes. 

Anyways, if you have any books you love and wanna recommend, I am more than willing to take suggestions! 




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