Untangle and braid it!

side braid

I love braids! Can’t we all agree we love braids? They’re cute, stylish and they are to me a great trick to style my hair when it’s kind of not on its best day, or on its cleanest day, or when I just feel patient enough to spend time on a more developed hairstyle. Plus braids can go from really just a simple side braid that will give you no trouble at all to something that makes you look like a freaking medieval princess. What more can we ask for? 

For those of us who weren’t raised in a household filled with bigger or younger sisters or girlfriends who taught you all different styles of braiding (me, I am one of those. I am self taught in all my braiding experience), Youtube tutorials are just a heaven send! I know you can find a bunch of pic tutorials on Pinterest and other beauty sites, and maybe they work just great for other people, but I need an actual video that I can pause and re-watch a billion times to learn a new braiding style. Trust me, learning how to fishtail braid for me was almost a pathetic experience… just when I was about to give up, I managed to finish one! Nowadays I am so used to day they are my favorite, and I end up finding them easier than the actual classic french braid. Also, on a different approach, you can try convincing someone to braid your hair for you (I have failed in doing that. My mom and my husband and my friends just don’t seem as excited about the idea, I guess). 

Another thing really cool to me about braids is that when you take them off you get complimentary beachy wave hair! My hair is thick but very straight, so I looove how it looks after I braid it! Sometimes I sleep with a braid on just for the effect (I know it’s not the greatest for the hair, but oh well). In my experience, if you try to not keep the braid too tight and always keep your hair well hydrated, the damage will be minimal and the happiness will be guaranteed! 

blonde side braid

Hope you guys have enjoyed this bit of hairstyle inspiration! I am a big fan of hair care and hair tips, so expect a lot more coming soon! 

Tchau tchau! 



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