Really Good Posters, Even Better Films

Dancer in the Dark, by Lars Von Trier

I love design, illustration, and well, I’m a film major, so of course I love film posters. But what I really love is looking up the alternative versions of posters of movies I already am completely in love with. Sometimes you find insanely good designs in posters from Japan, or Russia, or Poland. Actually, for some reason, Polish versions of movie posters tend to be my all-time favorites! Hence the poster for Taxi Driver below, which is amazing. 

So from this really short list I separated (trust me, it is super short, I had to control myself to not post a hundred posters here. Maybe I’ll do a second post on the subject!), not only the designs are beautiful, but the movies are all must-sees. Those films are seriously my favorite things of all time, so if there is any from the list that you don’t know, get downloading! (or renting, buying, going to an alt. film theater, whatever is your cup of tea).

Click on the images for the full name of the film and name of the director! That way they are also easier to find. I tried putting all the titles I could in English, even though not all films are American or spoken in English, just because it usually makes finding them online easier. 


Hope these can inspire you guys in the middle of the pre-Christmas craziness!  

Tchau Tchau! 



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