Jet Black for Those Who Can Pull It Off

The other day I spoke in a post about my love for black clothes and how they are the color of all the key pieces in closet. Well, there is one other thing I absolutely love, although it is not easy for everyone to pull it off and still look good, which is jet black hair! 


For the fair-skinned, it is a fine line between a beautiful snow-white look and a creepy not-so-wanted overly goth look. For those with a tan, it’s hard for the hair color to look natural, since sun kissed tones tend to blend better with darker skin in my opinion. So it is a look for few! But I do believe that when well-done, dark black hair can be a beautiful thing, specially paired with deep red lipstick (and why not dramatic eyelashes?) 

Here are some looks I love! 

Hope you guys liked them! I think all of those versions and many more can look amazing! 




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