Middleton Mania

No one, in my opinion, pulls off being elegant, but not over the top, being simple and gracious and just kind of even annoyingly perfect from every angle you look at it better than her highness the Duchess of Cambridge Mrs. Kate Middleton. 

I can’t even say I admire her, because it is so so much more than that. I wish suddenly all of the items from her wardrobe appeared in my closet! And I even love how she manages to be freaking royalty and repeat some outfits like us, mere “peasants”! Plus she is always so cute in all her public appearances, she just seams at ease, which is something refreshing to see in the royal family in general. 


Not only she works that preppy style like crazy, her hair and make-up are always flawless, and she brings a modern tone to what british super-rich (not sure if that’s the official term, haha) living is all about. Doesn’t she look like she came right out of a real life Princess Diary‘s film? 


Plus, she got voted best dressed pregnant woman of the year! Which to me was perfect, because I seriously agreed with that title! Some serious inspiration for the (far away, OK?) future! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little bit of her style. I’m sure you guys know that everything she touches or wears turns into sudden gold and disappears from all stores or places in general, but we can always use the vibe of the style as something to copy, right? I’m sure I always do! If only Brazil gave me more opportunities for thicker coats and maybe an eventual furry hat!

Tchau tchau!



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