Dress in White and Put Some Flowers in Your Hair!

I have recently found out through my husband that it’s not a big tradition everywhere to wear all-white during New Year. He had never heard about it before we started dating! But it is a HUGE deal here in Brazil. At this time of the year all the stores windows go completely white and it’s almost impossible to get a clothing piece of another color. It represents peace and the International Day of Peace, which is every year on January the 1st, and it is truly a tradition that I love. 

Of course here in Brazil we also have some other tradition that associated with wearing certain colors during the turn of the year (even the color of your underwear has a meaning for us, and it ALWAYS has to be brand new underwear). Do you guys from other places have traditions like these in your parties? 

We usually wear red to represent our wish for passion in the coming year, yellow to attract money, blue as a simple of calmness, green as a simple of hope, pink to represent love, purple to wish for more spirituality in our lives, and so on… It’s cool playing with colors like that and I’ve always loved it, but I can’t get myself away from wearing a good old white dress!

That’s why during New Year’s accessorizing is so important, and I love the idea of making yourself a flower crown or a piece of jewelry that has the complementary colors that you wanna bring into 2014! I am totally going to try this idea out and make myself a natural flower crown for this 2013-2014 New Years, and pair it with a airy white dress (it is super hot down here, after all!).

Hope you guys have enjoyed most of this floral inspiration, and if I don’t have time to make another post until the year ends, I wish to all my readers and to all the WordPress community a wonderful beginning of 2014, filled with happiness and love! May this next year be a billion times better than the one that has passed!

Tchau tchau, Feliz Ano Novo e Muito Amor!



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