Aging With Grace

If I like to say that less is more, to me that applies even more when it comes to aging. It seems that in a word with so many techniques and ways to keep yourself young all the time, people have forgotten how to age with style. After all, aging is still part of life, and if you can do it well, you got yourself a jackpot on your hands, because nowadays most people don’t seem how to do a well-mixed “naturelle” with a “I’m still taking great care of myself thank you very much”. It seems that those things just go one way or the other! 

So I chose, not by chance, as a first post of the year, inspiring women that to me have proven that time is ally, not an enemy, and that there is no shame in aging in the most gracious way possible! 

Hope you guys find those as beautifully inspiring as I do! 




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