Back to My Brown Roots!

brown hair 2

Recently my naturally brown hair had been suffering a lot with all the dying I had been doing to it to keep myself a redhead. It had been getting way too dry, and really hard to maintain healthy as I tried to grow it out. Other than that, I have been facing a big issue since I moved back to Brazil from the US: there are absolutely no pharmacy copper-colored dye here. I don’t know if it’s because here we almost have no ginger among our population, so copper tones probably didn’t sell at all, or if it’s another reason I am unaware of, but they just don’t exist. Back in the US I bought a great color from Walmart that was a Strawberry Blonde from Revlon and it looked perfectly natural on me. Since I’ve moved back, I’ve had to dye my hair in the hairdresser every single time, because there are no products to maintain the red tone I wanted at home. 

Well, I am kind of lazy, and eventually grew tired of it. It takes forever to dye your hair professionally, it is expensive, and sometimes I just end up forgetting about my appointments because, well, that’s who I am. So during Christmas break, after suffering from having too many inches of dark roots showing and no hairdresser open at the time to save me, I decided to go back to my brunette roots. At first it made me a little sad, but my hair immediately felt the difference (it’s really impressive how much softer it got just because of the darker tone), and I slowly grew fond of it. 

I still think I am eventually going back to being a redhead, since I really really like it, but I am enjoying the change for now. Plus, the brown tone I chose has sort of a chestnut hint to it, so I am not completely out of my element. And, so we can all be inspired by the beautiful tones of brown there are out there, I made a little gallery of some amazingly beautiful brunettes. 

I also think my blue contacts have helped me cope with going back to dark hair. I get the Megan Fox feeling, you know? (A girl can dream!!). Plus I want my hair to get very long, and I think keeping it natural will help my case. 

Hope you guys have enjoyed it! 




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