My White Puppy Dream


I never had a dog, even though it has been my dream since childhood. I always lived in relatively small apartments in a big city, so it is understandable why my mom let allowed me to have one. And don’t get me wrong, I love my cats and their crazy personality more than anything… but I would kill for a puppy. Now that I am older and married and owner of my own nose, per se, getting one just seems like one of those things I absolutely need to do. 

Of course, there are a few issues. I still live in an apartment, which would make my dream dog – a white german Shepard, I want one SO BAD, they are so gorgeous – kind of sad, because the lack of space, and I live in Brazil, which is kind of a warm place for a dog that was build to live in cold weathers. But, me and my husband might be moving soon, who knows, and my dream of getting my wolf-like dog might be getting closer and closer. 

So here are some pictures of either White Shepards or White Huskies, both of which I am absolutely in love with. Aren’t they beautiful? 

And just to finish it off with lots of style, here is a vintage pic of Marylin Monroe with a White German Shepard. Isn’t it awesome? 

I have had a preference in getting a White Shepard over a Husky because I’ve heard that Huskies aren’t the easiest dogs, especially for first time owners. Shepards, on the other hand, are dogs that are easily trained, which I thought would be a good thing for me, since I’ve never had one before. But I love both breeds. Well, actually, I love all animals, and I would own them all if I could. But the nerd inside of me wishes for a wolf-looking dog so I can feel like a Woodland Princess or something. Haha, I know, I am silly. 


I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing those beautiful dogs! Has any of you even owned one of those breeds? How do you like them? 




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