Just a ‘Feel Good’ Post!

Hi Guys! 

So, this is a pretty simple post about the simple things in life. While my vacation time hopefully ends (I need a job ASAP), I’d like to take a moment to talk about the little moments that make everything worthwhile. You know, when you’re wearing your most comfortable clothes, those super warm socks, you just made yourself something delicious to drink and the book you’re reading is in its best part? Yeah, those moments. I love them, and I think we all do. Anyways, this post is just supposed to be kind of an photographic inspiration based on that. 


I just got out of a “clothes swapping” event with a bunch of my girlfriends, so I am feeling great. Amongst my new ‘purchases’ are some great sweatpants and big t-shirts that match exactly that mood from those pictures. Not to mention a good amount of pretty dresses and skirts that I couldn’t resist, and loooots of earrings, tiaras and rings. I’m a sucker for those, couldn’t help myself. Clothes swapping with friends is a great thing to do because you get such great deals for things that would otherwise be super expensive… and if you end up not wearing some of the items you got, you can always try to swap them with somebody else in the next event! 

So, just to end this ‘feel good’ post, here are some of my favorite buys from today: 


Aren’t they cool? Well, I’m finishing my day super happy. Hope you guys are having a great day too! 




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