Scheduling a July Pool Party!

So, the thing is, I haven’t been on my best shape lately. For lots of reasons not worth mentioning, I have, in the past couple of years, gained an insane amount of weight (really), and it’s been really tough to lose it. But I’m not giving up that easy, and without meaning to sound all cliché-like, I literally signed up for the gym on January 5th or something… and I’m sticking to it! (I paid six months in advance too, which was something that I couldn’t even afford, so I am REALLY sticking to it!). Alongside with training myself to eat healthier, which is also pretty hard, I am hopeful that the changes I am making in my behavior show at least a little bit of progress by the end of those six months. 

I am not (yet) the biggest fan of exercising, but I have found out that the more you do it, the more you actually end up enjoying it. I’ve been using some tricks to keep me motivated to go, and they have been working so far.One of the biggest ones was ‘investing’ in cute gym outfits, because I love clothes, and gym outfits can be insanely cute! Not only the outfits, but the accessories too, like drinking bottles, sneakers, etc.

The second thing I’ve been doing is to get me through cardio: a exclusive playlist just for exercising! It’s actually pretty amazing how much it motivates me to bike faster if I am listening to faster-paced music. They are not even the type of music I usually listen to, but they serve their purpose really well. To set up this playlist I did a research through blogs and shitty radio stations (sorry, haha), and lots of blogs helped me a lot, so I am gonna post the final playlist I set up so you guys can use it too!

  • Womanizer – Britney Spears
  • My Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira
  • Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
  • Waka Waka – Shakira
  • Run The World – Beyonce
  • Gangnam Style – Psy
  • Work Bitch – Britney Spears
  • You Spin Me – Dead Or Alive
  • Thrift Shop – Macklemore
  • In Da Club – 50 Cent
  • Born To Die – Lana Del Rey
  • Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Diet Mountain Dew – Lana Del Rey
  • Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
  • Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey
  • I’m Good, I’m Gone – Lykke Li
  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk
  • This Is What Makes Us Girls – Lana Del Rey
  • My Humps – Black Eyed Peas
  • I Love It – Icona Pop
  • I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor – Arctic Monkeys
  • Just Dance – Lady Gaga
  • Youth Knows No Pain – Lykke Li
  • Making Out – Lana Del Rey
  • Get Some – Lykke Li
  • Dog Days Are Over – Florence and The Machine
  • Hang Me Up To Dry – Cold War Kids
  • Put The Radio On – Lana Del Rey
  • Royals – Lorde

Like I said, some of those songs are really not my style, but some of them are actually really good music. Anyways, they get the job done! 


Those are actually some of the first workout clothes I bought! The picture is kind of bad because it’s from Instagram, and I apologize! So here are some other work out clothes inspiration that I really love: 


Well, I think those are pretty cool. But, the very last but not least thing that keeps me inspired to keep on going to the gym and eating right is, of course, the body I want to have! And the imaginary pool party I intend to attend on July! I know that yada-yada the media makes us try to reach for unrealistic body images, and the pictures below are somewhat unrealistic to me (it’s just not in my body structure to get as skinny as some of those girls are), but the truth is that right now I am in an unhealthy weight, and the photos keep me inspired! It’s a slow process, losing weight, and I intend to do it the right way, but there is nothing wrong with a little inspiration to be fit! PLUS the swimsuits in all these pictures are amazing!! 


So, I’ll keep you guys posted in how my progress is doing in this battle against the balance! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post! 

Tchau tchau 



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