Valentine’s Day Early Post

So, I gotta tell you guys, one of the great things about being married to someone from the US is that I get to celebrate Valentine’s Day twice! Yeah, you read it right, twice! Down here we celebrate a similar holiday on June 12, so hooray… Haha. My husband thinks it’s kind of a unfair deal (we also are gonna have two wedding anniversaries, because we have to marry down here and up there in his country), but tough luck for him! 

Whenever February 14 is closer I might make a post about cool low-budget (yes, that’s me) date ideas, but for now I wanted to share some Valentines decoration inspiration and some gift ideas, because low-budget does not mean gift-less to me! The decoration ideas are always my favorite because I love those types of DIY stuff. Here are some: 

Now, for the gift ideas, here are a couple of cool ones (and yes, when it comes to romantic stuff, I like going all cheesy!). As always,the images get bigger when you click them!

Hope that has inspired you guys! 






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