Best Skin Balancing Essence

I’ve been looking for the perfect skin balancing essence for a long time. I’ve been trying things from Mario Bandescu’s mists to cult brands like A.True’s Black Tea Water. But when I got my hands on the Skin Balancing Essence from SK-II from Insfluenster, it was love at first touch!

It balances the pH of my skin incredbly well and leaves my complexion bright and smooth. I don’t think I can ever leave this product, and will be needing it over and over for a long time! It had already became one of my work bag essentials!

Really hope you guys get a chance to try this, I know that it is available at Sephora, and tell me if you love it as much as I do!

Here are some cool pics I took of it! Have a wonderful day!


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Maybelline Brow Drama Addicted

imageReceived this amazing Brow Pomade Pencil from Influenster and I’m completely in love with it! They give you super dramatic brows on the go and are so easy to use! Automatic part of my all time bag necessities! I love the darker shade for giving me a super dramatic look, I just apply a little bit of highlighter with it and I’m ready to go! Serious love!

Other than that, I cannot live without a good water essence (been loving this SKII one so much), some great hand creams (these on the pic are made of Truffles from SkinandCo and are amazing!) and my sunnies! Obsessed!

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Valentine’s Day Early Post

So, I gotta tell you guys, one of the great things about being married to someone from the US is that I get to celebrate Valentine’s Day twice! Yeah, you read it right, twice! Down here we celebrate a similar holiday on June 12, so hooray… Haha. My husband thinks it’s kind of a unfair deal (we also are gonna have two wedding anniversaries, because we have to marry down here and up there in his country), but tough luck for him! 

Whenever February 14 is closer I might make a post about cool low-budget (yes, that’s me) date ideas, but for now I wanted to share some Valentines decoration inspiration and some gift ideas, because low-budget does not mean gift-less to me! The decoration ideas are always my favorite because I love those types of DIY stuff. Here are some: 

Now, for the gift ideas, here are a couple of cool ones (and yes, when it comes to romantic stuff, I like going all cheesy!). As always,the images get bigger when you click them!

Hope that has inspired you guys! 





Scheduling a July Pool Party!

So, the thing is, I haven’t been on my best shape lately. For lots of reasons not worth mentioning, I have, in the past couple of years, gained an insane amount of weight (really), and it’s been really tough to lose it. But I’m not giving up that easy, and without meaning to sound all cliché-like, I literally signed up for the gym on January 5th or something… and I’m sticking to it! (I paid six months in advance too, which was something that I couldn’t even afford, so I am REALLY sticking to it!). Alongside with training myself to eat healthier, which is also pretty hard, I am hopeful that the changes I am making in my behavior show at least a little bit of progress by the end of those six months. 

I am not (yet) the biggest fan of exercising, but I have found out that the more you do it, the more you actually end up enjoying it. I’ve been using some tricks to keep me motivated to go, and they have been working so far.One of the biggest ones was ‘investing’ in cute gym outfits, because I love clothes, and gym outfits can be insanely cute! Not only the outfits, but the accessories too, like drinking bottles, sneakers, etc.

The second thing I’ve been doing is to get me through cardio: a exclusive playlist just for exercising! It’s actually pretty amazing how much it motivates me to bike faster if I am listening to faster-paced music. They are not even the type of music I usually listen to, but they serve their purpose really well. To set up this playlist I did a research through blogs and shitty radio stations (sorry, haha), and lots of blogs helped me a lot, so I am gonna post the final playlist I set up so you guys can use it too!

  • Womanizer – Britney Spears
  • My Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira
  • Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
  • Waka Waka – Shakira
  • Run The World – Beyonce
  • Gangnam Style – Psy
  • Work Bitch – Britney Spears
  • You Spin Me – Dead Or Alive
  • Thrift Shop – Macklemore
  • In Da Club – 50 Cent
  • Born To Die – Lana Del Rey
  • Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Diet Mountain Dew – Lana Del Rey
  • Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
  • Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey
  • I’m Good, I’m Gone – Lykke Li
  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk
  • This Is What Makes Us Girls – Lana Del Rey
  • My Humps – Black Eyed Peas
  • I Love It – Icona Pop
  • I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor – Arctic Monkeys
  • Just Dance – Lady Gaga
  • Youth Knows No Pain – Lykke Li
  • Making Out – Lana Del Rey
  • Get Some – Lykke Li
  • Dog Days Are Over – Florence and The Machine
  • Hang Me Up To Dry – Cold War Kids
  • Put The Radio On – Lana Del Rey
  • Royals – Lorde

Like I said, some of those songs are really not my style, but some of them are actually really good music. Anyways, they get the job done! 


Those are actually some of the first workout clothes I bought! The picture is kind of bad because it’s from Instagram, and I apologize! So here are some other work out clothes inspiration that I really love: 


Well, I think those are pretty cool. But, the very last but not least thing that keeps me inspired to keep on going to the gym and eating right is, of course, the body I want to have! And the imaginary pool party I intend to attend on July! I know that yada-yada the media makes us try to reach for unrealistic body images, and the pictures below are somewhat unrealistic to me (it’s just not in my body structure to get as skinny as some of those girls are), but the truth is that right now I am in an unhealthy weight, and the photos keep me inspired! It’s a slow process, losing weight, and I intend to do it the right way, but there is nothing wrong with a little inspiration to be fit! PLUS the swimsuits in all these pictures are amazing!! 


So, I’ll keep you guys posted in how my progress is doing in this battle against the balance! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post! 

Tchau tchau 


Superbowl Party?

I don’t know a lot about how American Football works. Actually, I’m pretty sure I don’t know anything at all about it. But I do know Superbowl is coming and I have no problem at all with anything that gives me a excuse to throw a party and gather friends! Plus, I’m pretty sure that my husband is getting homesick already and tired of all the soccer we have down here. 

So this is just a short post with some cool ideas I’ve seen about how to throw a nice looking Superbowl party. I don’t really cook, but the idea of having the individual snacks for time-out and the football themed stuff is pretty cool! 

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the party will be filled with people who don’t care about the Superbowl all that much… American Football is SERIOUSLY not a thing down here. But it should be fun anyways! Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll watch it just for the commercials… hahaha


Just a ‘Feel Good’ Post!

Hi Guys! 

So, this is a pretty simple post about the simple things in life. While my vacation time hopefully ends (I need a job ASAP), I’d like to take a moment to talk about the little moments that make everything worthwhile. You know, when you’re wearing your most comfortable clothes, those super warm socks, you just made yourself something delicious to drink and the book you’re reading is in its best part? Yeah, those moments. I love them, and I think we all do. Anyways, this post is just supposed to be kind of an photographic inspiration based on that. 


I just got out of a “clothes swapping” event with a bunch of my girlfriends, so I am feeling great. Amongst my new ‘purchases’ are some great sweatpants and big t-shirts that match exactly that mood from those pictures. Not to mention a good amount of pretty dresses and skirts that I couldn’t resist, and loooots of earrings, tiaras and rings. I’m a sucker for those, couldn’t help myself. Clothes swapping with friends is a great thing to do because you get such great deals for things that would otherwise be super expensive… and if you end up not wearing some of the items you got, you can always try to swap them with somebody else in the next event! 

So, just to end this ‘feel good’ post, here are some of my favorite buys from today: 


Aren’t they cool? Well, I’m finishing my day super happy. Hope you guys are having a great day too! 



My White Puppy Dream


I never had a dog, even though it has been my dream since childhood. I always lived in relatively small apartments in a big city, so it is understandable why my mom let allowed me to have one. And don’t get me wrong, I love my cats and their crazy personality more than anything… but I would kill for a puppy. Now that I am older and married and owner of my own nose, per se, getting one just seems like one of those things I absolutely need to do. 

Of course, there are a few issues. I still live in an apartment, which would make my dream dog – a white german Shepard, I want one SO BAD, they are so gorgeous – kind of sad, because the lack of space, and I live in Brazil, which is kind of a warm place for a dog that was build to live in cold weathers. But, me and my husband might be moving soon, who knows, and my dream of getting my wolf-like dog might be getting closer and closer. 

So here are some pictures of either White Shepards or White Huskies, both of which I am absolutely in love with. Aren’t they beautiful? 

And just to finish it off with lots of style, here is a vintage pic of Marylin Monroe with a White German Shepard. Isn’t it awesome? 

I have had a preference in getting a White Shepard over a Husky because I’ve heard that Huskies aren’t the easiest dogs, especially for first time owners. Shepards, on the other hand, are dogs that are easily trained, which I thought would be a good thing for me, since I’ve never had one before. But I love both breeds. Well, actually, I love all animals, and I would own them all if I could. But the nerd inside of me wishes for a wolf-looking dog so I can feel like a Woodland Princess or something. Haha, I know, I am silly. 


I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing those beautiful dogs! Has any of you even owned one of those breeds? How do you like them? 



Back to My Brown Roots!

brown hair 2

Recently my naturally brown hair had been suffering a lot with all the dying I had been doing to it to keep myself a redhead. It had been getting way too dry, and really hard to maintain healthy as I tried to grow it out. Other than that, I have been facing a big issue since I moved back to Brazil from the US: there are absolutely no pharmacy copper-colored dye here. I don’t know if it’s because here we almost have no ginger among our population, so copper tones probably didn’t sell at all, or if it’s another reason I am unaware of, but they just don’t exist. Back in the US I bought a great color from Walmart that was a Strawberry Blonde from Revlon and it looked perfectly natural on me. Since I’ve moved back, I’ve had to dye my hair in the hairdresser every single time, because there are no products to maintain the red tone I wanted at home. 

Well, I am kind of lazy, and eventually grew tired of it. It takes forever to dye your hair professionally, it is expensive, and sometimes I just end up forgetting about my appointments because, well, that’s who I am. So during Christmas break, after suffering from having too many inches of dark roots showing and no hairdresser open at the time to save me, I decided to go back to my brunette roots. At first it made me a little sad, but my hair immediately felt the difference (it’s really impressive how much softer it got just because of the darker tone), and I slowly grew fond of it. 

I still think I am eventually going back to being a redhead, since I really really like it, but I am enjoying the change for now. Plus, the brown tone I chose has sort of a chestnut hint to it, so I am not completely out of my element. And, so we can all be inspired by the beautiful tones of brown there are out there, I made a little gallery of some amazingly beautiful brunettes. 

I also think my blue contacts have helped me cope with going back to dark hair. I get the Megan Fox feeling, you know? (A girl can dream!!). Plus I want my hair to get very long, and I think keeping it natural will help my case. 

Hope you guys have enjoyed it! 



Let’s Get Minty

Minty-green, aquamarine, greenish-blue, whatever you call it, it’s been really in style lately. Or at least I think so. Which to me is perfectly fine, because it makes amazing combinations with my two favorite colors fashion-wise, which are pink and black. 

Ironically, even though I love minty colors, I hate mint flavor. There’s something about it that just doesn’t do it for me. But that doesn’t matter when it comes to buying mint-colored stuff, so who cares? Here are a few minty inspirations for a refreshing look! 

Hope you guys have enjoyed it! 

Tchau tchau! 


Who’s afraid of colored contacts?


I recently got myself a very controversial pair of blue-colored contact lenses. My eyes are naturally dark brown and, little did I know, apparently wearing contacts to make your eyes blue or green is somewhat of a badly seen thing. Although most people said it looked natural, they also preferred my brown eyes, which was a surprise to me, because I always found blue eyes prettier. 

They last a whole year, and so far I’ve been wearing them everyday, somewhat as a novelty thing but also I have been enjoying the change in my looks. I’ve dyed my hair a darker shade of chestnut brown and I think the blue eyes make a fine combination with that. They are dark enough that I don’t look like a zombie or anything. It’s cool to change for a while, I think people should care a little bit less about this whole “be natural” discourse. I already hear it enough when it comes to discussions about wearing make-up (and hate it, not only because I am a huge make-up fan, but because I believe that well-applied make-up looks absolutely better than no make-up at all, and makes you look ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ – but that’s a topic for a different post, I suppose). 

After doing a lot of research on the subject, I found out that actually most celebrities that have natural blue or green eyes wear colored contacts on red carpet events or movies anyway, because they eyes look brighter. There’s also lots of rumors about people like Jennifer Anniston or Megan Fox not being naturally blue-eyed. I don’t really care, I think they’re beautiful. I just think people should be more realistic when it comes to tricks that Hollywood uses to enhance their celebrities, because we can use those tricks to our favor! 

So I picked out some pictures of what I believe are cool-looking people wearing colored contacts. I only chose ones that I know FOR SURE are fake, because I don’t want to give away false information or anything… 

kim kardashian

This is Kim Kardashian (who, to be perfectly honest, I am not a huge fan of personally) wearing what I believe to be super natural looking contacts. They look like a grey-blueish tone, that is great for people with naturally brown eyes like hers. 

pink and blue

This is just an edgy-look that I picked out. Probably Photoshop rather than lenses, but it is just a reminder that they can be a fun thing to play with! 

blue contacts

Here is also a pair of very natural looking blue eyes. I like the contrast they have with the brown hair and the fair skin. That is why I picked out blue for myself, other than the fact that my mom and grandmother have blue eyes (so I thought maybe I could trick people, hahaha). 

paris hiltonParis Hilton is well-known for having always worn blue contacts and not giving them up under any circumstances. I do not think her eyes are the most natural looking, but she has worn them for so long I think most people have gotten used to the look. Plus she loves it, so who are we to judge? 

tyra banks

And here’s Tyre Banks in a photo-shoot wearing green contacts. To me they look amazing on her, compliment her skin tone and hair perfectly. If I hadn’t seen her with other eye colors, I would not believe those are not real. She should keep that look for always, in my opinion, but she is usually seen with hazel eyes (I don’t know if hazel are her natural color or not either).

jessica alba

Jessica Alba doesn’t wear contacts at all outside of movie parts. She has naturally dark brown eyes, but I think it’s really cool to see how the blue eyes change the way she looks and make she look very exotic, in my opinion. Those lenses are kind of violet-toned too, which adds to that look. 


Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity that has naturally blue eyes, but occasionally wears contacts to make them brighter. That picture probably has a little bit of treatment too, but you can kind of tell that her eyes change from some pictures to others. I personally think it’s a cool way to play with your looks. Her red hair matches the bright blue super well to me.

light-blue-eyes-dark-hair-i6Finally, what I could not finish the post without saying is that even if you wear contacts for only aesthetic reasons, they are something that you are inserting inside your eyes and should be treated with extreme care. They should be always washed before and after application and you should always get help from a professional before getting your first pair. I had never worn any contacts before (I don’t need glasses at all or anything of the sorts), but I still found my pair very easy to adapt to, and I find my lenses to be very comfortable. But each person is different, and of course that if your lenses are causing you any pain, you should seek medical attention right away and take them off. 

I hope this post has helped take away a little bit of the “taboo” that surrounds colored contacts. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. People should do the pretty things that make them happy! 

Tchau Tchau!